Escorts Are Different From Prostitutes

Women are the most beautiful creature on the earth and she can play any role you can ask for. Women can be the strength and weakness of the men at the same time because men always need women to fulfil his wishes and give pleasure to him because it is by nature men attracted to the women and nobody can deny this expect the people who are unisexual. At times men need women to understand them and give emotional support when they want. There are two types of women who can be available for every man but in return they only want money. Some the women do this work for money and some just for the fun.

These two women are Central Coast escorts and prostitutes. Most of the time people get confused between escorts and prostitutes; there is a huge difference in prostitutes and escorts. Escort work is different and it is more life duties and responsibilities for that they take money from the client. Prostitutes also do work for money but they have to perform only one job which sex, nothing more than that. For example, there is a girl who works any club and she is a prostitute, you went to a club and ask the prostitute to pretend like your girlfriend and asked her for the dinner and she completely refused you because this is not the part of her job. You can only ask a prostitute to have sex with you which she never refuses because this is her job whereas if you ask the same question for the dinner from the escort she will never refuse you because this is the part of her job. Many people who don’t know the difference between escorts work and prostitutes work usually they confuse them.

Prostitutes only perform one job where else escorts have to perform so many jobs into one job they have to give complete time to the person for whom they are working and each thing need to be done according to the client and client has all the right after all he is spending money for the sake of fun, enjoyment and quality time. Escorts job is not easy to perform they have to be attentive all the time because this is the requirement of their work and for this, they are charging money.

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